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Reduce production time and costs involved in deploying high-impact ads for CTV with Adctv’s customizable technology stack.

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How Adctv Works & Helps
Brands Communicate Their Message Effectively

Offering easy access to interactive, rich media video elements, easy-to-use turnkey templates, drag-and-drop ad builder, dynamic overlays for at-scale personalization and robust DCO capabilities, Adctv forms the foundation you need for impactful CTV advertising. Plus, universal ad tags that can be placed on any demand side CTV ad server and seamless integration with third-party trackers, help create a centralized connected TV ad network through the capabilities offered by Adctv for managing everything from planning and creative execution to measuring, tracking, and reporting for your CTV campaigns.

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Adctv Offers an Easily Scalable Technology
Stack for Creating Homogenous CTV Ad Networks

Easy-to-Use Turnkey

easy use

Builder for Building OTT Ad Experiences Using Turnkey Templates


VAST, VPAID, & SIMID Standards for CTV Advertising

All the Tools You Need to Create Attention Grabbing Creatives

Track, Measure, and Analyze Important Performance Metrics


Detailed Real-
Time Reports

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Ad Tags Compliant
with Various
Programmatic OTT Advertising Platforms


Dynamic Overlays for At-Scale Personalization

Build Universally Deliverable ads for OTT Platforms

video elements

Interactive & Rich Media Video

Data-Enriched DCO Capabilities
Design, Develop, and
Deploy High Impact
Seamless Integration with Connected TV
Publisher’s Ad Server
Track Important CTV Ad Server Metrics
Control Over CTV Campaign
Build Universally
Deliverable ads for OTT Platforms
Detailed Analytics & Reports Based on CTV Ad Server Metrics
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Why Adctv?


Create & Serve Ads in Quick Time


Requires No Technical Expertise to Create High-Impact, Engaging Ad Experiences


Seamless Design Software Integration for Importing Files for Easy Ad Creation


Build Ads at a Fraction of the Cost of Outsourcing or Hiring a Dedicated Team


Get Detailed Reports and Analyses of Important Performance Metrics


The CTV Ad Server Ensures Seamless Ad Delivery


Ensure Full Accountability Across CTV Ad Networks


Choose from a Range of High Performing Formats


Customize Ad Units for Better Engagement


Harness Dynamic Creative Optimization Capabilities to Deliver Hyper-Focused Messaging


Widen Your Reach, as this CTV Ad Server Generates Universally Compatible Ad Tags that Can be Placed Across All Major Ad Networks

Real-Time Reporting &
Actionable Insights

Adctv’s dashboard and reporting tools ensure simplicity, control, and
transparency for your ongoing campaigns. The platform also allows seamless third-party tracker integration, allowing you to monitor ad performance based on a range of metrics from the Adctv dashboard.




Ad Engagement Rates




Video Completion Rate


Viewability Score


Viewable Impressions Impression Data-AssociatedTime Stamps


How is CTV different from OTT?

OTT stands for “over-the-top”, and the term is used to refer to the new way of delivery of videos and digital content across different devices that are connected to the internet. On the other hand,Connected TV or CTV is a TV that is capable of connecting to the internet and allows access to much
more content as compared to what broadband and cable providers offer. So, it may be said that CTV devices can be used for the delivery of OTT content, which makes the connected TV ad network a highly beneficial vista for advertisers and brands.

Why should I advertise on CTV platforms?

With the help of a connected TV ad server, brands and advertisers can expand their reach significantly. Customers that cannot be reached without utilizing traditional TV commercials as well as customers who are no longer watching traditional TV can be reached through CTV platforms.While it is important to choose the right CTV ad server for delivering your ads, it is also crucial to ensure you are sending the right brand message across. With a CTV ad builder like ADCTV, you can use rich media elements to create engaging ad content that can be displayed to the right audience at the right time using the enhanced targeting capabilities of CTV advertising. With the right CTV ad server, it is very easy to quantify the performance of your CTV campaigns as well with the wide range of metrics and analytical reports that are available for you in real-time.

How will I know if my CTV campaign was successful?

ADCTV offers easy access to several important performance metrics that allow you to measure and analyze the performance of your campaign in real-time.The platform also has transparent reporting to ensure ROI, based on parameters like:


Video Completion Rate


Ad Viewability




User engagement


Click-through rate

How can I create ads for my CTV ad campaigns?

The ADCTV Ad Builder is a comprehensive platform that offers all the features and capabilities you need to create universally deliverable ads using rich media elements, without any need for technical knowledge. Our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder allows you to weave the most engaging ad experiences from turnkey templates. You can also start with a blank canvas and create your own templates, which can be saved for future use. These ads are built especially for CTV ad networks, on top of VAST, VPAID, and SIMID standards. Once the ad has been created, you can generate an ad tag(VAST) for it and place it for programmatic advertising through a CTV ad server to display it to the target audience.

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