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What is CTV Advertising?

CTV advertising is a new emerging trend in the digital marketing landscape that allows brands to reach viewers beyond the reach of traditional linear TV. This includes different types of ads, including video ads, banner commercials, etc. CTV, or connected TV video advertising, is a form of digital marketing that involves placing ads within the streaming content. This marketing strategy can prove to be a game changer as it allows brands to reach their audience on smart TVs and devices.

Key Benefits of CTV
Advertising from Adctv

Create Highly-engaging Ads with Interactive Rich Media Elements

Analyze a Variety of User Metrics & Data

TV Remote


Better Recall

Higher User

Higher Completion

Experience Seamless Video Ad Creation

Adctv Builder Studio allows you to create universally deliverable video ads. The best thing is that you don’t need in-depth technical knowledge to build highly engaging CTV ads.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create engaging ad experiences:


Start by choosing one of the existing turnkey templates. Or, you can also create one of your own.


Add or Modify the rich media components that you are going to use.


You can also include elements such as TV remote integration or QR code generation in the advertisement.


Once the ad has been created, an ad tag (VAST) gets generated


You can also add a DCO layer to your ad. This helps you to convey the brand message in a better way.


Now the ad is ready to be displayed to the target audience.


Copy this tag and place it for programmatic advertising through a CTV DSP or Publisher.

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