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Across the globe, media consumption trends are increasingly shifting toward the digital landscape, with Over-the-Top (OTT) becoming the predominant platform for visual content consumption. This paradigm shift in user behavior has opened up new opportunities for marketers to expand their audience base and increase brand awareness.

ADCTV Builder for OTT Ads Creation

Optimize OTT Ad Management
Build Engaging Rich Media Video Ads for Advertising on OTT Platforms
Produce and Scale Creatives in Moments for OTT TV advertising
Choose from a Rich Inventory of Turnkey Templates or Design Your Own Ads
Track the Performance of Your OTT Advertising Campaigns and Modify them in Real-Time for Enhanced ROI
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Streams of Change

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Advertising on OTT Platforms

Wide reach and expansive audience base

Transparent metrics to measure performance

Detailed analytics and reporting for improving OTT advertising campaigns and impact

Precision targeting of audiences

Cost-effective campaigns

Advertise on a wide variety of platforms

Wide Reach

With Our ADCTV Builder, You Can Reach a Wide Range
of Media Partners with Engaging Digital Advertising on CTV

And more...

Create OTT Ad Experiences that Inspire

One of the best platforms for OTT Advertising, ADCTV allows you to create the best experiences for OTT platforms. Your ad can include a
range of rich media and interactive elements that engage your audience and improve the overall returns of your OTT TV advertising campaigns.

Turnkey Templates

All the Tools You Need to Create Attention Grabbing Creatives

Builder for Building
OTT Ad Experiences

Track, Measure, and Analyze Important Performance Metrics

Real-Time Reports

Interactive & Rich
Media Video Elements

Build Universally
Deliverable ads for OTT Platforms

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