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Whether for a brand or an advertising agency, connected TV advertising has become crucial for any comprehensive, cross-channel ad campaign. Reach an all-new audience base to optimize your returns on digital ad spend with creative and engaging OTT and CTV ads.

What is OTT & CTV

The market for Over-the-Top or OTT media services and Connected TV devices has
grown exponentially in the last few years and today is the fastest growing channel for
content distribution and advertising. For companies, CTV and OTT have brought in
several new opportunities to expand their reach.

Numerous Benefits to be Availed

Reach a Diverse &

Create Addictive
Brand Experiences

More Engaging Ad Formats with Interactive Rich Media Elements

Create Your Own
Niche in a Relatively
New Avenue

Higher Completion
Rates & Lower Impression Costs

Collect and Analyze a Variety of User Metrics & Data

Leverage the Reach and interactivity of CTV and OTTs with Dynamic Ad
Creation by ADCTV

Create interactive ad experience
across the CTV ecosystem

Measure Campaign Performance to
Ensure ROI

No Technical Knowledge

Universally Deliverable Ads

Dynamic Capabilities for
Personalized Advertising

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Features of ADCTV for
CTV/OTT Advertising
for Companies, Brands,
& Advertising Agencies


Interactive &
Rich Media
Video Elements

Dynamic Overlays
for At-Scale

Ad Tags Compliant with
Various Programmatic
Advertising Platforms

Easy-to-Use Turnkey
Templates with Drag-
and-Drop Builder

SIMID Standards
for CTV Advertising

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