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Why You Need CTV Advertising

The increasing adoption of devices like gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc. is fueling the growth of the Connected TV (CTV) market,
presenting marketers with new opportunities to reach new consumers with their ads.

Digital advertising on CTV allows you a vast pool of decision-makers, active buyers, and people with high purchasing power.

Being a relatively young concept, ad spend for CTV advertising is still quite competitive as compared to other channels.

ADCTV is one of the best connected TV advertising platforms today, and offers creative ad formats for building ad campaigns that foster engagement.

CTVs enable user-controlled viewing experiences which makes it possible for advertisers to get their message across to the right audience at the right times.

Registration data of users allows cross-screen targeting in connected TV advertising, helping further expand your reach.

The IP-based content delivery system allows for precise targeting in connected TV advertising campaigns, like targeting households consuming ad-supported content.

Optimize ROAS
(Return on Ad Spend)

Linear TV Advertising

Very little means for identifying how ads
are consumed.
Low availability of information about
Several difficulties arise in retrieving
data about how ads are performing.
Targeting is based on general
demographics like age, location, income
levels, etc.
Imprecise audience segmentation. Ad
spaces are purchased based on time of
day and program ratings.

Connected TV Advertising

Detailed real-time reports with ad delivery and performance data.
Options for precision targeting and clearly defined audience segments.
Being un-skippable, CTV ads offer up to 90% completion rates.
Real-time data helps reach relevant users
using 1st party or 3rd party audience
Demographics based on basic audience information and the content consumed help create well-defined audience segments.

Top CTV platforms offer a data-driven approach for measuring the success of connected TV ad campaigns, which involves capturing important metrics like:



View Through

Cost Per
Completed View



Cost per
Unique Reach

Wide Reach

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