Best Practices in OTT Digital Advertising & Marketing

Sonal Agarwal
Jun 19, 2024
Best Practices in OTT Digital Advertising & Marketing

In the past few years, OTT platforms have gained huge traction as they give users complete freedom to stream their favorite content on their preferred devices at a time of their choice. This sharp rise in the popularity of OTT platforms has further contributed to the increasing importance of OTT advertising. In today’s time, these platforms have become more lucrative from a marketer’s and advertiser’s perspective. As a result, the marketing community is placing bigger bets on how they want to see and interact with these platforms beyond traditional mediums. In other words, OTT advertising is slowly reshaping the digital marketing landscape.


Here are a few benefits of OTT digital advertising

Precise Targeting: Unlike traditional TV advertising, OTT advertising helps you reach a more targeted and niche audience. This is what makes it a preferable option as compared to traditional forms of advertising.

Increased Engagement: When it comes to user engagement, OTT digital marketing definitely has the upper hand. It is becoming easier for advertisers to re-target their audiences via OTT and encourage greater user engagement.

Minimized Ad Spend Waste: By placing ads on OTT marketing platforms, advertisers can minimize ad spend waste to some extent. The reason behind this is simple – these ads are displayed directly to the users who are interested in them.

Best Practices in OTT Marketing

There is no denying the fact that OTT is one of the fastest-growing advertising platforms. Here are a few things every advertiser should keep in mind while creating ads to be placed on OTT marketing platforms:

Define a Goal

For every advertising campaign, irrespective of the platform it has been designed for, it is important to define a goal at the very beginning. This helps the advertiser measure the success and track the performance of the campaign. When there is not a single clear goal, multiple objectives are implemented. This can be very confusing for the audience and lead to low conversion rates.

Pay Attention to Ad Relevancy

The most important reason behind the increasing popularity of OTT platforms in digital marketing is their ability to deliver one-on-one engagement. So, while creating an ad, it is important to make sure that it is relevant to the target audience. This automatically increases the chances of conversion. 

Focus on Formatting

In OTT digital marketing, it is important to create ads that support multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. Since OTT platform users stream their content on different devices, placing ads that support a single device will be of no use. These ads should be optimized in a way that the value proposition and CTA are immediately visible on all screen types. 

Keep It Crisp 

Nobody likes to spend more than a few seconds watching an advertisement. Your target audience is no different, so it is always best to keep an ad as short and crisp as possible. It is a proven fact that short and to-the-point ads can result in higher user engagement. As a rule of thumb, keep a non-skippable ad 30 seconds long or less. Or, if your ad is longer than that, try to grab the viewers’ attention in the first few seconds. 

Limit the Frequency

The best thing about OTT advertising is that advertisers have the option to limit the number of times an ad can be shown to the user in a day. This is known as ad frequency. When you limit the frequency, you can ensure that your ad doesn’t annoy the users. In addition to this, it can also help you avoid overspending and exceeding the ad spend limit.

Create Dynamic Ads with Adctv

Being an advertiser, you need a unified platform that can help you make the most of OTT advertising. Adctv allows you to create universally deliverable ads to be placed on different OTT platforms. You can choose from a wide range of rich media and interactive elements to create ads that leave a lasting impression. With Adctv, you can not only build ads to put your brand message across but also improve the overall returns of your OTT advertising campaigns.

Some of the key features of Adctv are:

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Easy-to-Use Turnkey Templates
  • Interactive and Rich Media Video Elements
  • Dynamic Overlays for At-Scale Personalization
  • Track, Measure, and Analyze Important Performance Metrics
  • Detailed Real-time Reports

OTT advertising is slowly becoming a valuable tool for marketers to capture new audiences and provide brands with another avenue to increase brand management. With a number of additional benefits, it has proven to be one of the most meaningful and personalized ways of engaging target audiences and building loyalty among consumers. In short, advertisers taking the OTT advertising route definitely have a competitive edge over other industry players.

Expand Your Reach the Right Way
The last few years stood witness to the boom in Connected TVs and Over-the-Top platforms, which established themselves as the primary source of video content for a majority of the world’s population. As more people shifted to these platforms as compared to linear TVs, for brands and advertising companies, CTV and OTTs represented new opportunities to reach a new, diverse, and growing audience base. Whether it is brands or advertising companies, integrating connected TV into their digital campaigns can significantly improve the impact of their cross-channel marketing strategies.
Communicate Your Message Loud and Clear with ADCTV
Despite the significant growth OTTs and CTVs have showcased, the platform still has a lot of untapped potential that is just being discovered by brands and advertising companies. OTT and CTV brand experiences can help maximize returns on your dollar spends as your connected TV advertising campaign takes your communication to a variety of channels and platforms across the CTV landscape.Whether you are a brand or advertising companies, OTT and CTV advertising with ADCTV offer top features and capabilities to help you create immersive, interactive, and engaging connected TV advertising experiences. Companies can use turnkey templates, or build their own templates, to build engaging rich media ads for their campaigns, which are created with universally accepted ad tags. Additionally, ADCTV also offers transparent real-time reports that allow you to measure and analyze campaign performance and optimize ROIs.